28th April. Retracing the routes of Saint Rosalia. “La Rufuliata”

At the heart of this easy route there are many themes: nature, history and religion, that will be discovered while walking along one of the first marked nature trails in the history of the excursions in Palermo. Breathtaking views with birds on the horizon, for a new perspective of the island.

From the Favorita Park we will climb the western slope of Monte Pellegrino along the Rufuliata path, which is one of the few access roads to the peak of Monte Pellegrino and today it is among the most beautiful hiking trails in the Reserve. After about an hour’s walk, among rocks, rare botanical species and the incessant twirling of buzzards, we will reach the peak. There, we will discover the unique humid environment of the Pond of St. Rosalia and then reach the Sanctuary.

Distance: 3,5 km

Duration: 3 h (stops included)

Degree of difficulty: medium. Forest roads and trails

Elevation: 340 mt (ascent)

Trekking shoes are necessary for country roads



9:45 am (4 pm in Jul-Aug) – Beginning from the Parco della Favorita (Viale Diana at SCUDERIE REALI FAVORITA, in front of the bus stop “DIANA CASA NATURA”); Rufuliata trail, up to the Pond of St. Rosalia and then to the Sanctuary.

11.45 am – Arrival at the sanctuary, stop and visit

12.35 pm (7.00 pm in July-Aug) – end of of services

12.50 (7.30 pm in July-Aug) – bus line 812 to Palermo


Meeting at 9.25 am (3.50 pm in Jul-Aug) at the Parco della Favorita (bus stop: Viale Diana – Niscemi)

How to get there: by bus: line 806 (from Porto-Piazza Politeama)

Return to Palermo by bus (line 812 from the Piazzale Santuario of St. Rosalia, stop at the Politeama and the port). Departure of the return bus at 12.50 pm (7.30 pm last trip in Jul-Aug) or later.



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